Optical Illusions

Direct Download (.apk) for Android
Fool your eyes and explode your consciousness with exciting optical illusion images playing visual mind tricks!
Watch optical illusions to fool your eyes and trick your brain! Test your ability to recognize line, form, shape and color objectively. Train yourself to perceive the right image of the real world. See the 3D optical illusion - deceive and shock your mind with visual twist, dizzy, fuzzy, sneaky and tricky pics! Total distortion of reality - images zombify like pure magic, hypnosis or hallucinations ;)

Circles are moving or standing still? The lines are parallel or intersect? The colors are different or exactly the same? Does the color, if a long look in the center of the image? Your vision and the eyes are wrong! Pay attention, view the pictures carefully - and do not trust and believe your eyes! Parallel lines appear to intersect, plain shapes look different, vivid static images and moving deceptively ruffle and noisy! This cool app is a funny proof of easy eye deception and how quickly you can be disoriented in a simple way ;-P The vision and the brain trust in the illusion, but it's a merely an optical illusion! Feel the distortion of reality - the brain is shocked by the live created effect of incredible stereoscopic volumetric 3D street art drawings on the asphalt, hidden objects, color perception and reflection, and other categories!

Download HD picture and set it at your smartphone and tablet background as unusual and outstanding LWP (live wallpaper).

The extension contains the most exciting, interesting and unusual optical illusions!
This is not the video or animation, the picture only appears to be moving! All images in the game are static and do not move - the brain adds movement effect by itself! If you think that your smartphone or tablet is not transmitting the color and shape of the image - it is also an illusion, which only your eyes are seeing! Some of the objects should be considered carefully, others reveal their visual illusion when viewed from the side vision or different angle or distance from the picture. The reality is not distorted, and if you look closely, using peripheral vision, much becomes loud and clear! These strange mental abilities and psychological characteristics of the brain used in hypnosis for immersion in a trance - Learn the secrets of psychologists, hypnotists and magicians!